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What’s trending in hardwood?

As you might expect, design trends in Colorado often lean toward the rustic or mountain style. However, more modern interpretations are gaining popularity with home buyers too. For instance, gray is dominating as a new neutral in flooring. With colors ranging from the softer “beachy” grays to deep charcoals, these tones lend themselves well to the crisp and clean modern finishes sought after today.

Wider planks and longer lengths in dark, rich finishes are also in high demand. Years ago, the traditional width of wood planks was between 2” – 3” but today we’re discovering that a much wider width is desirable in homes of all sizes. We’re seeing widths of up to 6” and 7” trending in the engineered wood lines, which are known to be more stable than solid floors at these larger sizes. Visually, a wider hardwood floor can make a strong statement in any interior, from the rustic to the more transitional styles.

In terms of finish techniques, wire-brushing creates a weathered but sophisticated look that’s trending with designers and homeowners alike. Wire bristles are used to enhance the wood grain by adding texture and creating more character in the floor. As a result, typical wear and tear becomes harder to perceive even though the finish is still smooth to the touch. This technique is more labor intensive and offers a unique touch of personality to each home. More than ever before, we can find our own expression through flooring.


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Posted on: June 19, 2014
Posted in: Flooring